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Broad speech-based auditory training leads to improvement in functional hearing in children with APD.

Loo, J. H. Y., Rosen, S., & Bamiou, D. E. (2016). Auditory training effects on the listening skills of children with auditory processing disorder. Ear and hearing, 37(1), 38-47.

The authors examined, in a group of children with APD, whether a 12-week computer-based auditory training program with speech material improved the perception of speech-in-noise test performance, and functional listening skills as assessed by parental and teacher listening and communication questionnaires. … Broad speech-based auditory training led to improved auditory processing skills as reflected in speech-in-noise test performance and in better functional listening in real life. The observed correlation between improved functional listening with improved speech-in-noise perception in the trained group suggests that improved listening was a direct generalization of the auditory training.