Speech audibility in multi-space classrooms

The SAILS Project, Speech Audibility in Learning Spaces, initiated by SoundSkills founder Dr Bill Keith, is developing technology and methods to measure audibility of teachers’ voices in classrooms. Many studies have assessed noise levels in learning environments but none have Read More

The auditory brain

In this interview article renowned researcher Dr Frank Musiek discusses key discoveries about central auditory function in different types and sites of brain disorders. Read More

Dyslexia and APD

Auditory processing, language, and reading impairment are neurologically entwined. There is considerable research across many domains confirming the hypothesis that disrupted timing of auditory processing is a core deficit in dyslexia. Read More

Are Specific Language Impairment and APD distinguishable?

Specific language impairment (SLI) and APD appear intertwined, with the suggestion that differential diagnosis may be influenced by whether a child is assessed by an audiologist or speech-language therapist. Multi-disciplinary assessment (as occurs at SoundSkills) is advisable. Read More

Benefits of prosody perception training and use of remote microphone hearing aid systems for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder

The PhD thesis research of Dr Joan Leung, Adviser: ASD at SoundSkills APD Clinic, showed that children with ASD can improve their communication skills through training to better appreciate prosody, the subtle changes in speech intonation and stress that denote emotion. Use of remote microphone hearing aid systems assisted the prosody perception training and were beneficial to the children in school. Read More

Auditory Processing Disorder (APD), Central Auditory Processing Disorder (CAPD), and (Central) Auditory Processing Disorder ((C)APD) have similar meanings and are used interchangeably. APD is the most commonly used term in New Zealand.

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