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This is a helpful checklist if you’re a teacher working with APD in the classroom.

Classroom Environment:

  • Preferential seating
    • Within 2m of teacher (unless wearing remote microphone hearing aids)
    • Seated away from auditory distractions such as doorways or air conditioners


  • Gain students attention before speaking
    • Face student when speaking
    • Limit distracting noises where possible
  • Use clear speech with student
    • Use a slightly reduced rate
    • Use slightly increased volume
    • Emphasise key words
    • Pause often
    • Repeat or rephrase as needed to ensure message has been understood
  • When giving instructions:
    • Give written as well as verbal instructions for home and class work
    • Give clear and specific instructions without using too many words
    • Link verbal instructions to visual cues to help the student remember
  • Avoid multi-tasking (e.g writing while listening)
  • Use a buddy who can then confirm what has been said
  • Be aware that students who struggle to process information tend to fatigue more easily
    • Consider having breaks in listening
    • Consider the time of day when presenting auditory tasks
  • Give adequate response time
    • Allow the student time to work out the answer. For example, let the student know that you are coming back to them for an answer and ask someone else a question before coming back to them.
  • Allow extended time to complete tasks More time is needed to comprehend

Self Advocacy:

  • Encourage the student to self-monitor the listening environment and identify any problems